Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Stitching Round the Block Update

Yesterday I decided to make another stitchery for our Stitching Around the Block project. I'm going to keep the first one I made to practise with before I unleash myself on other people's creations. I think I will be much happier doing it that way, and I'll end up with two wallhangings instead of one, so that has to be a bonus :-)

Here is the new one ...

I also went to Spotlight and found some fabric to do the binding on one of my UFOs, so I will be tackling that while I wait for the next round as well as starting a few Christmas things I've just found patterns for. I'm feeling very inspired at the moment, and I haven't done this much sewing for ages. It's brilliant!!!


  1. I love both blocks, but it is all about which one you like best. Looking forward to seeing it in the 'flesh'

  2. both versions look great, well done, im so glad they came in handy for you also hugs HElen